New Discussion: Hey Folks, there is NO Free Shipping!

Screen shot 2016-06-30 at 2.11.51 PM

Some of us are aware that there is no Santa Claus – and no Easter Bunny – and no Tooth Fairy. Well, there also is no free shipping! True, you may not find a fee for shipping on your purchases, but that’s because the shipping charges are buried in the cost you have been quoted. So, you (and everyone else) assume part of the shipping cost because it is built into each, and every, product.

The larger companies can afford to bury the cost by amortizing in over their entire line of products – and, because they sell greater volumes of merchandise, they can also have the freight companies reduce the per-package cost to them. Smaller companies cannot – and so they need to show shipping as an add-on. In some cases the smaller companies are actually being forced out of the marketplace, because they cannot compete with the larger merchandisers, and big box stores.

Ahhhh, the modern miracle of free shipping.


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