New Discussion: Research vs. Bullsearch!

Bullsearch xx

All companies need valid research in order to develop their products, services, and events. But, the research needs to be “valid.” Research that is developed to meet one’s own predetermined conclusions means little or nothing, and should be redefined as “bullsearch.” No, no, not searching for a great deal on cattle – sort of a combination of “research” and “bullshit.”

Who is hurt when a company uses bullsearch? Well — everybody! We all know about the poor research used to develop the Ford Edsel and the Coke Classic. A great deal of time, energy, and money was wasted with ill conceived research (bullsearch). Luckily these two companies were big enough to withstand the impact of putting out unwanted products due to bad research and bad decisions – based on inaccurate research.

Word to the wise: make sure that your research is neutral based. It’s better to not move ahead on an idea – then to produce something with little need – and less want.


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