New Discussion: Visual Coordination!

Visual Coordination artThere are several terms to describe how a company, or organization, should present itself to its audience: branding, identification design, etc. But, they are all basically telling us the same thing: to be well recognized by your audience (and by the general public) a company, or organization, needs to coordinate all of its materials. In other words, all of these items need to reflect the same basic design and the same basic message. It’s true that the media will change, materials change, and the delivery method of messages change. However, the basic rule remains the same – you want to teach your audience about your organization and present its message(s) – not confuse them.

Having different symbols, colors, names, messages, etc, if not extremely well organized will just confuse your audience – and the full impact of your message will not be felt. On the other hand a well coordinated, and maintained brand effort will help your company.


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