New Discussion: Degrading your Website!

Degrading your wbsite art 001
Several years ago we were called in to redeveloped a simple website because it was not pulling in traffic. The basic pages and text were fine, but the graphics was off-putting. The site was so dull and the navigation difficult, so viewers really couldn’t relate to the site – even though all the information was contained in the site.

When our redeveloped site went live – the audience came alive. The response was very good and continued to be so. However, that didn’t seem good enough for the owner of the company, and over the year’s she had three, or maybe five, other web developer’s work on the site – none of them with any real connection to the company’s audience needs. The site has been terribly degraded: both text and graphics. The website is attracting fewer people, even with social media pushing people toward the site. The president of the company can’t understand why traffic is declining. Leaving well enough alone is an art that some entrepreneurs cannot get their heads around.

If you are going to make changes on your website, please make sure that you use a qualified professional – one that understands what the audience is looking for – and that the changes improve the site – not degrade it.


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