New Discussion: I Have This Great Idea!

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I was attending a networking meeting and the meeting was coming to an end. I was just about to leave when a woman came over to the table that I was sitting at. She asked if she could sit down. I nodded ‘yes.”                                                                                            

“I understand that you are in advertising,” she said.                                                              

“Well, more branding, but yes we do advertising” I replied.                                              

“I have this great idea.” she said. And, then she went on to tell me that she couldn’t talk about what the idea was (because of legal issues), but she needed a logo for her company.

She didn’t have a name for the business, or a business plan, or a marketing plan yet, but
she wanted to start with a logo. She couldn’t pay me right now, but there would be plenty of money when she launched her start-up company. She said that she would be putting away about $100 to $200 for the logo (trademark) and for the packaging – and for one ad on social media. I said that I was late for another meeting and excused myself. I didn’t give her my card, and hoped that no one else had either.

But, here’s the biggest problem of all: she will get someone to do project.




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