New Discussion: The Yin Yang of Technology!

Yin Yang symbol 03

Within the last several years technology has pushed society forward by leaps and bounds. It has inter- connected most people on the planet so that within seconds they can send and receive messages and images . It has driven businesses and advertising, and it has influenced elections and revolutions. People have digitally crowd sourced in order to work out complex problems, and to save money.

We call hundreds of people who we barely know “friends” and send them both important, and obscure, information on a daily basis. Countries and organizations both use, and block, this technology as suits their purposes.

On the other hand a lot of people hide behind this technology in order to avoid actual human interaction by meeting with people face to face. It is easier to watch, or play, a game digitally then to do that process physically. It is easier to send people an email, text, or tweet then to talk to someone face to face. It is being present – while at the same time remaining as anonymous as possible.

It is interesting to see how humans distance themselves from one another – while at the same time becoming more interactive, and interdependent, on one another.


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We live and work in a world of visual images.
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