Comment on: How designers devalue themselves!

How designers devalue themselves 04
Mike Willett commented:

I would have to agree on this one, since I’m a photographer, and it has the same issues. Though I’ve met many so called designers, alternatives might be more accurate. Dufus comes to mind, idiot, graphic deception, ill conceived managing, and many more.

Bottom line…if you got a bargain, you probably are mumbling the same words as above, though you have no right to complain. Design is a toll taking endeavor that requires a whole lot of brain power, appreciation for a great deal, and a willingness to consider many different avenues. There should be no “one solution fits all” and it takes talent to put together all the parts and pieces to really make design work. I would say the same for photography, but with digital and automation, most are settling for price. Designers have the same issues with computer programs for design idiots!

Bottom line, be willing to hire someone with talent, don’t stand on budget, and make sure you begin to appreciate everything that goes into design, not just the price.


Mike Willett

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