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Ad Game 02Mike Willett commented:

Talking about ad agencies making intelligent and meaningful decisions or presenting ideas for their clients is like asking your 2 year old to write a business letter to all your clients. Your child has little direction in making the right decisions to present the proper information, let alone the word knowledge to communicate the message. Same problem with agencies. They have lost a lot of their direction, knowledge comes hard for them even though it is readily available, but the biggest problem is, they no longer seem to have the direction to ask the right questions, and certainly don’t seem to have the knowledge to present the proper kind of research and conclusions.

Brand meaning? If you or your clients attempt to ask that kind of question, they are in for a real surprise. As an advertising photographer for many, many years, the first question I always asked when meeting about an upcoming shoot was, what is it we are attempting to convey? What, in other words, was the brand message, does it work, and how do we best communicate it. As most of you have already surmised, I always, and I mean always, got a blank stare and a lot of mumbling.

You can blame the schools, you can blame the profession, you can blame most anyone or thing, but the bottom line is, Ad agencies have lost their direction, and simply put, through their own stupidity. If you are involved in choosing or deciding on an ad agency, you had better develop your own questions, and make sure you know the correct answers, before the agency even opens their collective mouths.

Mike Willett

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