New Discussion: Information vs. Informing!

Information and Informing 01

The other day I came across two items that made me think about what we are really trying to do in the marketing world. The first item was a small company website. It was visually appealing, but it only gave a hint about what the company was about, and little about the company’s capabilities were.

The second item was an industry publication that had just been adapted from an email format to a web format. The original email was full of information packed item over item – making the reader search endlessly for the item(s) that would be of interest. The new web version was visually cleaner, but information was almost as impossible to find because of the juxtaposition of titles, articles, and headlines: making it extremely difficult to read.

It seems to me that the point of a publication, a website, a marketing piece, or an advertisement it pretty basic: inform the audience in way that will cause a positive reaction – or a call to action. Too little information will not inform the viewer of the substance of the message – and two much information (especially if not well-organized) will lose a person’s attention – and just become another lost message.

Put yourself in the position of the reader. Think about what you want the reader to take away – and then present it in a way that will actually do the intended job.

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One Response to New Discussion: Information vs. Informing!

  1. thank you, good sir, for the gentle reminder to stay focused.

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