New Discussion: It’s a Flat, Flat World!

Flat, Flat World 01In a recent conversation with other creative professionals the topic of the explosion of extremely low cost on-line graphic sources was brought up. The consensus was: how can anyone buy a logo for $100 online and expect it to represent someone’s company – and to differentiate that company from the competition. The vast majority of these “logos” do not represent their companies – they become art without meaning. These logos would not hold up to the standards required to have them copyrighted, trademarked, or registered. But, they are cheap! And that’s the whole point.

Currently it just isn’t about good design, or bad design, or branding, or marketing – or about building a brand or developing a relevant long-term campaign that companies are after. The current Great Recession – combined with the explosion of digital technology – has created an entirely different playing field and a different buying mindset. What is important today is short-term return on investment. Long-term solutions to problems and opportunities: building a brand and developing marketing/advertising plans over time is currently a thing of the past for most companies and organizations. Will the market return to long-term thinking and planning after the Great Recession? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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One Response to New Discussion: It’s a Flat, Flat World!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Today the markets in most areas are flooded with bad logos, bad sites, bad messages, and of course, horrible marketing, but the bottom line these days is speed and money. With that in mind, take a tour around the internet and see all the phony offers, promises and suggestions. No common sense anywhere, low brow talent, instant promises, and, unfortunately for many clients of the design world out there holding the bag.

    Design for design sake, terrible copy writing, and ideas that would make most people’s hair stand on end are the norm, so why would anyone expect thought, intelligence or creativity to be the final product of their chosen designers? Sorry folks, it just ain’t gonna happen in most cases. Is that a problem? Heck no, Business owners finally have to take some responsibility in checking out their suppliers, no matter what they promise, use some common sense if you have any, and choose the right people to work with. It sounds like a lot of effort to many, but it just could be the life blood and success of your business…if you bother.

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