Comment on: Being Too Cute!

As In 04

Lewis R. Elin commented:

It’s intellectual arrogance. Too many intelligent, but arrogant snobs think they’re above doing what is simple and has worked before. They feel that they have to blaze new trails of camouflaging sales messages. Sales? How gross. It’s marketing, making connections, customer experiences and all that happy horse crap. As a hard-core sales manager who grew up “counting smoke stacks” said that “If you want to sell John Smith what John Smith buys, you have to see the world through John Smith’s eyes.”

God forbid that the arrogant snobs who populate today’s advertising would stoop so low as to use the word “sales” in conjunction with their efforts. Don’t β€œyouse” guys know that it is their responsibility and their mission to blaze the trails of new graphic experiences? Communicate clearly, quickly and effectively with simple statements and graphics that enhance the sales story. Never! It’s being obtuse that wins awards, not selling product. Don’t you know that?

Lewis R. Elin
Lewis R. Elin / Consulting

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