New Discussion: Marketing Our Commitment!

Commitment 01

Those of us in the marketing and advertising professions understand that the work we do is for our client’s benefit. However, as I talk with more and more prospective clients I continue to encounter the same message. The message is basically: “how do we know that we can trust you?” That’s not a question that I have been asked in year’s past. So, I’ve been digging into why someone would ask that of an established firm.

The answer that business owners have been giving me is that they have been “burned” repeatedly. It seems that other firms and agencies have not been delivering on their promises. As I see it, there are three basic steps involved in marketing and advertising someone’s product, or service:

1)    getting a prospective client to be interested in working with you for your: creativity, costs,       scheduling – whatever,

2)   establishing budgets and timelines that will deliver the client’s message to their intended audience, and finally

3)    fulfilling the delivery of the marketing/advertising material – on time and, within budget.

My own very basic research regarding why my prospects are unhappy with the profession is that a lot of so called marketing and advertising firms fail their client after completed step one. Then step two is fraught with problems, and delays. Finally, step three (producing the campaign and delivering on the marketing/advertising materials) falls way behind schedule – delivery’s are missed – and costs go way beyond budgeted projections.

Obviously, all that does is to hurt our profession. So, what can we do about it? Not much – until we get the client’s trust. But, once we do get their trust, we must stand by our commitments to our clients with regard to creativity, costs, and delivery. And, afterwards, it wouldn’t hurt to get a few testimonials from our clients to emphasize our capabilities, and our reliability.


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