New Discussion: Three Primary Habits: FUE!

FUE 02

I received this from Wright Learning and thought that I would pass it on.

“The 3 primary habits any small business should adopt if they are serious about success.

Focus: Every small business owner and employee wears multiple hats. The nature of a small business also means that you experiment as you continually refine your business model to meet changing market demands. But this small business reality does not give you permission to abandon your focus. You need to have a primary focus around which the company is aligned at any point in time. It should be as clear for each of your employees as it is for you. If it’s not, then it’s your job as a small business owner to determine and communicate it–not once, but in an ongoing way that your employees and you have a rallying point around which you are orienting at any given time.

Urgency: For your small business to be successfully urgent, you need to start telling the truth about your busy-ness. It is very easy to appear urgent as you hustle about your day with a full calendar and an overwhelming to do list. But real urgency builds on focus. You are urgent about the things that really matter, and you self-impose requirements to deliver things quickly. Think about how you operate before going on vacation. You know you’ll be in less communication for the week and your mindset and motivation responds in kind. You get your desk flat and have things handled at a certain level so that you can let go. But what if the end of each week was like the day before vacation. What would get accomplished?

Execution: All the focus and urgency in the world means little if you never follow through on what your plan is. This year, do you intend to create a sales culture, achieve an aggressive revenue goal, or launch a new product? Whatever you choose for your focus, your main touch point each week is – how am I doing on execution? Otherwise, it’s just another good idea.

This week, adopt FUE as an assignment for yourself and your team. Come to agreement on your focus and see how you can use urgency to drive through to execution. You may be surprised by what you can accomplish.”

Dr. Bob Wright
Judith Wright
Wright Living

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  1. Bill Fotsch says:

    Your emphasis on Focus, Urgency and Execution make a great deal of sense, not only for the small business owner, but also for the employees of his company. This is precisely what the application of Open Book principles does for a company. If you or your readers would like to see various case examples of this, they can be found at

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