Comment on: Hallothanksmas!

Hallothanksmas 02

Comment on: Hallothanksmas!

Mike Willett commented:

A sell America season might be just the thing, if you aren’t sick of the whole thing anyway, since that is exactly what is going on…all year long!

How do businesses keep people from feeling overburdened with such an approach? They don’t, they just keep throwing more junk out there in front of the consumer. The consumer takes it since they’ve been given all the reasons, every night on the ten o’clock news as to why we are all suffering so.

The above doesn’t mean we haven’t, as consumers, learned the values of a two for one, almost everything off, only 10 more days, get yours now, spend every last dime you have before it’s too late, and on and on and on. That said, let’s all do something different this Christmas season. How about saving something. Maybe just a little, but increase it each holiday. You’ll be surprised. Before too long, you may be able to live at a new address instead of 101 PoorHouse.

Mike Willett

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