New Discussion: Camouflage and Distraction!

Camouflage and Distraction 02

When marketing and advertising your product there are two things that you should remember if you truly want to get your target audience’s attention:

1) don’t camouflage your product, that is: don’t hide it from sight – an obvious example is if you are marketing a red product, don’t photograph it on a similar red background, so that it disappears from sight – and

2) don’t distract the intended audience from your product – an example would be showing your product in a way that the audience has to pick it out of a crowd of other objects – where’s Waldo works for people searching of something, but, seriously – do you want your audience to spend time looking for your product?


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One Response to New Discussion: Camouflage and Distraction!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Again, Nate is on the money! Having owned a studio specializing in advertising photography in Chicago for almost 40 years, though this does not sound like much of a problem, it’s huge. Clients now think they know all about everything, thanks to the internet, but actually know very little. The biggest question to me was, then why the heck are you hiring me and spending a lot of money whose opinions and talents obviously mean nothing.

    The above said, if you are paying someone to help you with your ad media, find someone that knows what they are talking about. In order to do that, you have to do one things Americans believe does not apply to them. You must listen…and do so very, very carefully. Speaking continuously is not what is needed, they need to listen as well.

    Bottom line, have respect for your clients, and your knowledge, expertise and results will prove you also have knowledge, and if your clients want more for their money, success in their campaigns, then they will listen as well. If neither of you listens to the other, you both need to do something else!

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