New Discussion: Halloween Niche Marketing!

Halloween Party

Well, this post isn’t about marketing on the grand level, but in its way it is about marketing. This week I visited a friend in an assisted living facility. On the wall was a small poster announcing the upcoming Halloween Party for the staff, residence, and friends of the residence. It read:

“Halloween Costume Contest (followed by the date, time, and place)
You are encouraged to dress in costumes on October 25, 2013!

* Exercise good judgment
* No revealing costumes
* Skirts or shorts no more than 2” above knee
* No elderly people
* No dead people”

Now that is really presenting to a niche market!


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One Response to New Discussion: Halloween Niche Marketing!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Being in that age group, I think one should look for the reasons behind the statement for the party:

    Exercise if you want to live longer. If you don’t, sit around and die.

    No revealing costumes…no one wants to see what you would reveal anymore.

    Skirts or shorts no more than 2″ above the knee, no one wants to see your knee replacement scars.

    No elderly people, we can’t understand them, don’t want to look like them, and certainly don’t want to be reminded of what we, ourselves, are like.

    No dead people. Boy, this facility is really full of spoil sports!

    Welcome to old age, if you are at that point. You will become the brunt of many jokes as you age, why not think of some for younger people, and the best advice? Get good and drunk and make these smart ass care givers something to really talk about!

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