Comment on: Ut Oh… a Typo!

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Mike Willett commented:

You reached out and touched me. More power to you for blowing the whistle on poor spelling, use of language, sentence structure, etc.

Both my parents were teachers, my mother an English teacher. they constantly pounded simple, to the point proper English and spelling, into me, and I am forever grateful. That doesn’t make me an expert, by any means, but it sure has helped. Sure, we all make mistakes, but being aware of those mistakes can only improve our output.

You, my friend, I find almost always on point, doing it as it should be done. In a way, we people in the ad community, owe it to our prospects, clients, and anyone we touch in the ad world, a duty to get it right, yet most in our related fields, rarely make any attempt at all. It only hurts them and their clients.

Mike Willett
Better Life Systems

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