New Discussion: Presenting Your Company to Your Target Market!

Presenting your company 02

Marketing and advertising have changed dramatically since the “Mad Men” days. The biggest change has been bought about by technology – technology that now allows us to take a company, product, or service worldwide – instantly.

True, you still have to service your current clients in their particular demographics; but if you have a web presence your website is everywhere throughout the world. It is in the reach of anyone who has access to a computer. Do they speak your language? Do they have a need for your product? Are they in your distribution channel? Can you service them? Probably not! But, you are there 24/7.

So, now you have to be realistic:

1) your presence is everywhere,
2) your potential clients/buyers may be everywhere,
3) you need to target your actual clients, and
4) you need to actually appeal to them.

It’s the same “Mad Men” game, but your tools have changed – your reach has changed – and your client base has most likely changed, but the rules remain the same:

1) define your products/services most important features,
2) determine what your message(s) will be,
3) determine who will benefit from them,
4) pinpoint your niche market(s), and
5) pinpoint the media that will get to these niche markets.


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