New Discussion: A New Twist for Buildings!

  Da Vinci 01

Another amazing building is in the works for Dubai. Dubbed the Da Vinci Tower, the dynamic structure is planned to be a 68 to 80 story moving skyscraper. – depending upon what report you read. It will be the world’s first prefabricated skyscraper with 90% of the structure built as modules in a factory. The actual construction time will be cut to 18 months, as opposed to the average 30 for a building of similar size.

The entire tower will rotate 360° thus changing the shape of the building.  A single rotation will take 90 minutes – and each floor will be able to rotate independently. Here’s an interesting look at the process: 

The Da Vinci Tower will be similar to the Suite Vollard: an eleven story building completed in 2001 in Brazil. There too, each of the floors is able to rotate independently.





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One Response to New Discussion: A New Twist for Buildings!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Nate, as you and I discussed, it seems that architecture changes and develops much faster in other countries, but I would imagine that is because we prefer our buildings to last, without major problems. I hope these examples of new and exciting things in the field, will be trouble free and a real inspiration to others to be creative, even in architecture. You can only hope that the speed of turning is not so great that it makes one dizzy. 🙂

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