New Discussion: What About Color?

Color Counts 001

This is such an important issue that I thought we should bring it back for a second time – so read on…

An advertiser, or a designer, needs to consider the use of color in graphics, photos and text when putting together marketing, branding, and advertising materials – especially if they want their piece not only to stand out. And, if they want to have their message received properly – by the target audience. Obviously photos with color that is of the same value thruout, or that are poorly cropped, fuzzy, or out of focus won’t get your message across either. Nor will photos that are to light, or to dark – unless under very particular circumstances. The same principle applies to type, illustrations, and graphic images too. The color, size, and style (font) of the text certainly needs to be taken into consideration, e.g. I wouldn’t recommend small yellow type on a white background.

All of this should be so obvious to someone involved in marketing, branding, or advertising: however, everyday I see examples which run counter to these “obvious” visual necessities. This makes me wonder why people would invest it marketing, branding, and advertising that doesn’t have a prayer of attracting, and influencing, their target market. If you can figure that out please inform me!


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