New Discussion: Reality!

Camel 01

Watching the visual media – whether it is TV, movies, or something on the computer – does not always present an accurate picture of the world. Many of the programs and sound bites present situations and activities to us that (even though they are couched as reality) they are anything but reality.

And, most present day advertising seems to take its lead from the media by not really showing us the attributes of a product or service – and not presenting the item in the best light. They tend to show situations, which actually have little, or nothing, to do with the product, or service that is being advertised. Take the gecko, camel, and the owl animations used by an insurance company – or, the bee animations used by a cereal product – or, the camel who smokes. Now I’m not really picking on these companies, because they just a couple of the many company’s that are following the trend of “just get your name out there.”

There’s nothing diabolically wrong with this type of advertising, but it would seem to me that if your product, or service, is really that good you would want to tell that to the public, so that they could make a wise buying move.


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One Response to New Discussion: Reality!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Really, you want truth and transparency? In the World of Advertising? Really? Did you just appear on Earth and decide that? Well, friend, it’s never been done, so why start now? The thinking in this great World of advertising has been kidding the consumer, themselves, and the manufacturer for years, and it isn’t going to change soon. After all, don’t you think Geko every time you need to renew your car insurance?

    America wants to be entertained, not informed. How the heck do you deal with that?

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