New Discussion: Everybody’s Talking About It – Content Marketing is King Part 2 – The Where – Make it “Circular”

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Do your various social media pages and websites provide links to your other sites? Do you have a website link on your LinkedIn profile? Does your website have a link to your company Facebook page and LinkedIn profile? Do you use “buttons” and Google’s +1?

Most of you are very familiar with LinkedIn, Facebook, blog sites, Twitter and other usual suspects. It is important to make it “circular.” Meaning a visit to one of your sites provides obvious, quick and immediate access to you other sites. With that said, let me suggest a few additional sites for your consideration.

LinkedIn Company Page – The company page is the most under-utilized area on LinkedIn. Most LinkedIn company pages have a profile and a list of employees, but there is much more you can do. The company page allows for defining products and services, posting videos and text, links to specific website pages or other social media sites, photos, automatic posting of blogs, targeting LinkedIn subscribers, and more. It also provides ongoing analytics.

An example of a company page fully utilizing this opportunity is the Samurai Business Group. HubSpot, which constantly creates great “how-to” PDF’s and webinars, and has an instructive piece on LinkedIn Company pages. LinkedIn also now offers a company page “button” for placement on websites, email signatures, etc.

Google+ Personal and Company pages – A lot has been recently written on the good, bad and ugly of Google+. But my guess is that algorithms give a little extra weighting to people and companies using Google+. How? “Intro to Google+ Sites”  “How to set up a Google+ Company Page” and check HubSpot for webinars and PDF guides.
Biznik – Biznik is a site to post a business blog. Biznik sorts and provides ratings of blogs posted on its site.

Micro-sites – Tom Lemanski, president of the executive coaching firm Vista Development, created a micro-site that has generated 60% of his new business. Chicago Executive Coaching is a clean and very direct micro-site. How? If you were to Google search for your business, what would be the words or phrase you would use? Then create a micro-site using those key words. Your site may not be a “.com”, but with all the new “dots” being created, you may find a domain that is an “.us” or “.co” etc. And you don’t have to build out a complete site. A one-page with site with a summary and link to your main, website or a simple redirect will suffice.

Google +1 – I know you’ve seen the +1 logo when you do a Google search. Google +1 is similar to Facebook “Like” and LinkedIn “follow”.  The more +1’s you get, the stronger your positioning on a Google search. Google provides “button” coding for placement on your website.

Buttons – Most sites provide the codes to create a “button” on a different. Simply stated, a “button” is a site logo that serves as a link to another site. For example, LinkedIn provides to code to place a LinkedIn button on your website. Google+ provides the code to put a “button” on your blog.

To get the code for a LinkedIn “button”: Go to the bottom of the LinkedIn home page; click “Developers”; click “Plugins”; click “Member Profile” and/or “Company Profile”; and follow the instructions.

YouTube and Vimeo– It is imperative that your created videos be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube has created an online video demonstrating how to upload your video. Vimeo provides step-by-step instructions on how to use their site.

In Closing – a few other tools you may find helpful. LinkedIn Labs – covert your LinkedIn profile to a resume in PDF format. LinkedIn Signal – complete listing of your LinkedIn connections updates and postings. And, a big thank you to Jill Kirshenbaum of Sandler Training for recommending uses LinkedIn, Facebook, CRM’s, and other databases to display numerous paths for introductions to prospects and centers of influence.

“The number one site for B2B marketers is LinkedIn,” Paul Gillin, co-author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer.

Spencer Maus

A thank you to Robin Iori of Iori Communications for her help with this blog post.


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One Response to New Discussion: Everybody’s Talking About It – Content Marketing is King Part 2 – The Where – Make it “Circular”

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Nate, great information. Funny, Google just called me a few minutes ago about my getting involved with Google +, and right after that an independent company called me about the same thing, only they do it on their own. It’s certainly something I am preparing to do, and now you have given me even more to get done. Thanks again.
    Anyone not paying attention to this one is making a huge mistake.
    Mike Willett
    Gulfport, Florida

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