New Discussion: Everybody’s Talking About It – Content Marketing is King part 1 – the What and How!

Content management 01“When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king,”

In her HMG Creative blog, Amy Kauffman said, “”There is no ‘I’ in Content Marketing (Well there is, but it’s a little guy).” Michelle Rempel, in her blog Simplifying Social Media, went into more detail in describing the “what.”
Allow me to build on Amy’s and Michelle’s writings, and discuss “the What and How” (a follow-up post discusses “the Where and How”).
The quality and type of content and breadth of distribution impacts your total SEO.

In his presentation at Steve Lundin’s November 2011 BigFrontier event, author Paul Gillin commented that the content order of priority is video, audio and text.

Video allows everyone to hear your tonality (38% of communication) and see your facial and body language (55% of communication). With the number of digital video cameras, from smart phones to high end portable cameras, it has become easier to create a professional MP4 video.

The video can be easily loaded up to a number of social media sites, placed onto your website or uploaded to your own YouTube channel. Need help? There are services, such as MarketVid, that can provide professional guidance. Placing the video on YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Micro-sites, Biznik, tweeting on Twitter, etc will dramatically increase visibility and SEO.

Audio allows for tonality. An inexpensive digital recorder will create a digital file that can be converted to a MP3. One on-line, free service is Blog Talk Radio. BTR allows you to create a one to 60-minute audio recording. When completed, you have a link to the recording, which then can be placed on all you your social media sites.

Often forgotten are video or audio recordings of your speaking gigs. Most organizations do not record speaker presentations. Take you own digital recorder or video camera to record your presentation and distribute through all appropriate social media sites.

The final piece of content is text. The world knows about fresh, new content. What most professionals forget is the value of older white papers, newsletters and commentary. If an older musing is still relevant, consider “re-purposing” (posting) on all social media and websites. LinkedIn offers the application for easy posting of “re-purposed” content on your profile.

“The key (for creating new followers and prospects) is to educate and engage,” Paul Gillin, co-author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer.

Spencer Maus
A thank you to Robin Iori of Iori Communications for her help with this blog post.



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One Response to New Discussion: Everybody’s Talking About It – Content Marketing is King part 1 – the What and How!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Nate has provided all of us with some great content here, himself. I especially love the “there is no I in content marketing”, a comment many need to hear, over and over again. It is also advice that is rarely taken anymore, so those of us that decide that he is right will gain far more than expected.

    Over the years I have found that the one resounding failure of designers, agencies, etc., is that the ego in the field is the monster in the closet. Put yourself aside, promote your business, not yourself, and I think you will find that current and future clients will tend to pay much more attention to what you have to say.

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