New Discussion: Beats Me?

Beats logo

“No, no, no! That’s the DesignMarks logo, not the Beats logo. See – it’s facing the other way – and that is a ‘d’ for DesignMarks, not a ‘b’ for Beats.”

In the last several months I’ve probably said that to two dozen people – and I will probably say that to another two dozen by the end of the year. But, thank you Beats Electronic for giving me the added publicity.

The DesignMarks logo dates back to 1971, and has remain unchanged (except for color ) since that time. Originally designed in olive green, which was popular in those days – we updated the color to red around 1985. I looked up the Beats logo and found that it dates from 2006, or later.

Altho, there seems to be some public confusion between the two logos, they are in two totally different industries – and represent two totally different images. Beats is definitely a lower case “b,” but is also a pictogram for representing their industry: electronic earphones – cool huh! DesignMarks is a lower case “d” and it represents good typography – essential in all marketing communications.

Alike “yes” – the same “no.” Thank you Beats.


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