New Discussion: Sense and Sensibility!

Logo for $5 01

There is a website offering the business person logos starting at $5. They say that they will individually stylized the logo to fit your company’s needs. And, if that is not enough… they will provide several versions for you to choose from. Hmmmmmm! What’s the catch? 

Well, let’s see… if you go into a restaurant and they are offering you steak dinners with all the trimmings for ten cents – would you order it – and if so, would you eat it. Or, would you have a few questions to ask, like:

1)    how can they afford to sell meals at 10 cents?
2)   is it really beef?
3)   will I get sick?

Perhaps the foolish person ordering a $5 logo should do some questioning too!


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We live and work in a world of visual images.
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One Response to New Discussion: Sense and Sensibility!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    So I guess the questions should be, can you see it, can it be printed, will it mean anything to anyone? All good questions, that most clients looking for visual design most often fail to ask, so in any arena, it becomes a question of whom is the more ignorant, the provider, or the client. From current day examples, I would have to say, it is a toss up.

    Hiring people to provide you with graphics, etc., that represent your business is like any other situation of bringing in outside help. It’s not price, it’s results, but then again, what business you’ve dealt with lately even had a clue?

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