New Discussion: Selling the Container!


When all else fails – sell something obscure about your product.

I’ve noticed a number of big label companies talking about their new bottle, or box, as if was the reason that everyone would buy their product. These companies are not talking about the price, taste, importance, or value of their product. Just about the great new container. It would seem to me that if a company needs to sell in this way then the product must not be very good.

However, some of the biggest companies still push their container over their product’s substance. Seems a strange way sell something to the public. What do you think?


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One Response to New Discussion: Selling the Container!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    This would smack of “the product is difficult to talk about, so let’s get their attention from something else” syndrome. Bigger is not necessarily better, and if the product ends up being poor, the best container in the World will still miss a lot of sales due to lack of quality and reason, but hey, this is advertising, and any idiot can express themselves.

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