Comment on: When is a logo not a logo?

News Corp logo 9 art

Keith Thirgood commented:

It’s wonderful when you have enough money and enough clout that you can have absolute dreck created and get away with it.

If I had been hired to design this, and they paid me oodles of money for it, part of my contract would include anonymity. No one would be allowed to know that I had “designed” this or News Corp would have to pay me one percent of their profits every year for the following ten years.

Keith Thirgood

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One Response to Comment on: When is a logo not a logo?

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Whom ever said graphics, advertising, etc., had to make sense? It rarely has, rarely does, and probably, rarely will. You can only hope that constant and numerous exposures will at least trigger memory, and that memory will be good enough to make them come back. As to information, I’m afraid the world of advertising has long ago rejected such common sense.

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