New Discussion: The Logo – the Essence of the Company!

Logo Essence

This post is not about esthetics, but rather about how a company logo (trademark, servicemark, brandmark, or logo actually symbolizes the organization that it represents: the corporations face to the public.

A company logo communicates ideas to people in the form of a picture, which, in turn, represents the kind of quality products, and services that company provides for its customers. For instance both McDonald’s and Wendy’s logos are easily recognized, and remembered – and they both represent quality fast food restaurant chains – yet neither shows the company’s products.

McDonald’s uses an architectural element that defines each of their locations. Over the years each of their restaurants has presented a reliable meal menu, and consistent service. Since millions of people have eaten at McDonald’s the “golden arches” represent not only the locations, but the products and services sold at these locations. On the other hand, Wendy’s logo is a symbol of a woman – which illustrates the home away from home cooking, and reliable service that one receives in a Wendy’s restaurant – and throughout Wendy’s entire system.

Both logos are easily recognized, and well-remembered. Both logos represent a company that has similar products and services. But, each shows this in a very different way. While one can argue the esthetics of these two logos – they are extremely recognizable – and do represent their companies very well on the world stage.


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