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Wendy's 03

Michael J. Boskovic commented:

Thanks for your latest blog post on the new Wendy’s design.

I was heartened to see your positive comments on it. I eat at Wendy’s every so often, and have noticed improvement in their food. And I noticed their redesign of Wendy, and really thought it was fresh. It felt bolder and more contemporary to me…more immediate & noticeable. A little more in-you-face, but in a good way. I too, thought it consistent with their heritage.

A fine job, in my opinion. I was shocked to see such vehement negativity on the Design Taxi blog responses. Wow….couldn’t believe it. My initial gut response to the change, in the field, was really positive. And the more I thought about it, and analyzed it, the more it reinforced my gut instinct. It’s not the first time I’ve been out-of-step with the opinions of a particular group, like that Design Taxi mob. I feel a bit rattled, and obviously isolated, when I see so many others feel
differently than I do.

Anyway, I also wanted to take the opportunity to comment positively on your great design work at DesignMarks. I was looking at all the various designs, and I love the leitmotif that runs through your work.

Whether it’s the minimalism of Calyon Financial or Terry Hefter, the technological edginess of TEI Analytical, the strength of Investor Relations, or the fun of Major Senseless, they all contain a modern, international feel that make an immediate impact. All very memorable, tapping into our inner abilities to easily latch onto simple shapes. I like the prime, bold colors too.

I really admire how you stay true to your own aesthetic, your own style. I can’t say I see that in the graphic arts world, generally speaking. See it more in something like architecture, also very much about shapes and space, where architects will boldly stick to their visions.

Fun to see you do work for a familiar name like Burhop’s.

And the ABA logo – I had no idea that was yours. That one is truly iconic – cheers on a brilliant design there!

By the way, thanks for your positive comments on our logo and brochure. They’re relatively new, and quite a departure from previous looks of ours. I’m proud of it, and pleased that it’s garnered positive reviews. Affirmation is always great. Your professional feedback means a lot to me.

Michael J. Boskovic
Lingraph Services Co.

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