Comment on: Who’s Flying Your Website?

Airplane 25

Cal Thixton commented:

Oddly enough, I had a very similar conversation with a local design agency a few days ago; the people who know how to detail your car and make it appealing tend not to be the ones who know how to make it go fast, or keep it secure and running.

The plethora of technology frameworks today, the requirements for (some) business logic along with the need to monitor and maintain your site (since all technology rots [and even before we get into how to promote your site]) makes it nearly impossible for a design house these days to keep strong and agile technical talent in-house for very long.

This particular highly successful design agency was trying to decide whether it was time to ‘out-source’ and to re-focus on their core competencies, strategy and design, and let specialists handle the implementation.

As the web matures and the labor economy stratifies, writers don’t publish, bakers don’t deliver and designers don’t code. The guy who rotates your tires may not know how to handle that strange engine knocking sound.

So, I did not make their day easy; I advised this agency to let us help them strengthen their offering to their clients with a divide and conquer strategy. They have a lot to think about.

Cal Thixton

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