Comment on: Networking is Like Playing Golf!

Golfing 02

Linda Bottlik commented:

What a beautiful article. That list was the way I always looked at how to grow my
business… and it grew. Then all the social networking came and it I started to
feel so anxious about not getting on board… so I did, and I’m adjusting to the
“new anxious.” This piece and your 10 tips have made my day.. and hopefully longer.

PS – the first time I played golf, I was great (true!)… and so I’m never playing

PS – I read the handshake article and it felt a little more like “The 1 Handshake
you Should Know and the 5 You Should Never Do.” I think the people who shake hands like any of the other five just don’t know the “1” – but think they have the best handshake ever!

Linda Bottlik

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