Comment on: How Many Pages Should Your Website Have?

Website 6
Lewis Elin commented:

A website, like direct mail letter, should tell the complete story in the fewest
number of words. As for graphics, most websites either have too many or not enough,
or the wrong ones. As with a printed brochure, the graphics should be the last item
chosen. Heresy, I know. But read on.

The creative genius should first tell the complete story in words. Just words. No
pix. then when he, and the team, or whoever is / are satisfied – that it’s a
comprehensive job. THEN decide what graphics will enhance the story. That way the
right graphics will be chosen, not a bunch of junk that someone throws in because
they like the pretty pictures. Graphics will enhance; they won’t do the whole job.

It’s so simple and logical which is why too many “professionals” don’t have a clue
about doing brochures or websites.

Lewis Elin

About Nate Marks

We live and work in a world of visual images.
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