Comment on: Who’s Flying Your Website?

Airplane 24

Mike Willett commented:

Nate hit the nail on the head, so to speak, and hopefully you feel a bit of
discomfort. I, for one, am going straight to my web site and give some very
important thought to it once again. If I’ve discovered anything in this electronic
age, it is that web sites in general are a mess, a failure in achieving what they
were built for, and completely out of touch with their market. That’s your fault,
not the designer’s, not your team, not your manager’s. Your business is your
business. Are you paying attention, does your site speak to you, or do you wander around wondering what the heck the owning company is thinking or attempting to say.

If your clients, or prospective clients, are spending much time at all attempting to
figure out your message, you’ve failed. Sit down in front of your site, approach it
from the direction of a potential or existing client that is not sure what you can
do for them, then put yourself in their shoes. Would you ask for more? What would you ask for? This is communication 101, and many think they have traveled far beyond that stage, when in fact they never left the door step.

Speak to your web site. Does it answer you? It had better, or shut it down and
save a few bucks, ’cause it sure isn’t generating any.

Mike Willett
Better Life Systems

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We live and work in a world of visual images.
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2 Responses to Comment on: Who’s Flying Your Website?

  1. Cal Thixton says:

    Oddly enough, I had a very similar conversation with a local design agency a few days ago; the people who know how to detail your car and make it appealing tend not to be the ones who know how to make it go fast or keep it secure and running.

    The plethora of technology frameworks today, the requirements for (some) business logic along with the need to monitor and maintain your site (since all technology rots (and even before we get into how to promote your site)) makes it nearly impossible for a design house these days to keep strong and agile technical talent in-house for very long.

    This particular highly successful design agency was trying to decide whether it was time to ‘out-source’ and to re-focus on their core competencies, strategy and design, and let specialists handle the implementation.

    As the web matures and the labor economy stratifies, writers don’t publish, bakers don’t deliver and designers don’t code. The guy who rotates your tires may not know how to handle that strange engine knocking sound.

    So, I did not make their day easy; I advised this agency to let us help them strengthen their offering to their clients with a divide and conquer strategy. They have a lot to think about.

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