Comment on: How Many Pages Should Your Website Have?

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Lewis Elin commented:

Paul Bringe, one of the greats in direct mail lettering writing was asked “How long should a letter be? His response applies as well to ay advertising message, including websites, etc. “Long enough to tell the complete story in the fewest number of words.” Too many self-styled gurus and webmeisters think that because they are geniuses and must use every graphic trick they learned in unaccredited website design schools. Consequent;y, too many website are too long, too artsy-fartsy, too “creative” and incomprehensible to mere mortals who have more to do than “uuh and ahh” at what they though might contain useful information. If they do contain such information, it is camouflaged in graphics and colors better suited to hiding military equipment on the battlefield.

These amateurs (and I’m trying to be gracious) would do better to tell their entire website story in words only. NO GRAPHICS. Take the time to tell the story, not to engage in Show and Tell from the git go. This alone will shorten whatever the end result is. For some reason these designers think that comprehension-killing “creativity” will capture and hold attention while they attempt to convey the message. Wrong-o! Less is more and the lesser the morer.

Lewis Elin

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