New Discussion: Where Do You Find Clients and Customers?

Where Do You Find

If you are the only auto repair shop in a small town it should be easy to have an active client/customer base. This would go for any business in an area where there is no competition. But, what if you want more business? Obviously, you would need to advertise outside of our small town – and offer something that would attract people to your shop. What would that be: service, reliability, a gift?

The larger your town, the more chance that there would be competition close by. If you are in a large urban area you will probably have a lot of competition – maybe just down the street. What do you offer people to get them to stop and buy at your facility? Obviously, the more competition – the more you have to differentiate yourself from that competition and, the more you have to market and advertise.

In today’s marketplace that means finding the right media in which to place your advertisements: newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. The more media you use to reach your target audience – the higher your budget – and the more that you have to add to the cost that your customer will need to pay for your product, or service.

So, what’s the answer? How do you spend enough money for marketing and advertising in order to bring in customers – while at the same time making your product, or service, competitive enough to survive in the marketplace? The answer is to carefully select only that advertising media that actually reaches your target audience. However, before you spend money on marketing and advertising you need to research to find out exactly where your customer base is – and what media you will need to get to them – and then what you will need to offer your target audience in order to entice them to buy from YOU.


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One Response to New Discussion: Where Do You Find Clients and Customers?

  1. Michael Dunn says:

    Wisdom is spoken here! Marketing is not following fads. It is following “art and science”!

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