Comment on: When is a Logo Not a Logo?

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 3.21.52 PM

Cal Thixton commented:

Having just come from an IP presentation by Daniel Farris
( at the Chicago Business Network this morning
( about this very subject (patents,
trademarks, copyright, etc.), I do not think that this image qualifies as a logo.
Unlike Apple’s logo being unique and unrelated to the product, this image seems more like an exit sign, not a brand. imho. In any case, I suggest asking an expert.

Cal Thixton

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4 Responses to Comment on: When is a Logo Not a Logo?

  1. Diana Parker LaPiana says:

    Looks like art to me.

  2. They’ve solved the problem of people thinking they’ll get old ‘S’ from this company. It definitely tells the world “We spread New S all over the #&*%ing globe”. A positive note: the y didn’t use Comic Sans. They almost did, but they were good enough to turn away from that choice.

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