New Discussion: When is a Logo Not a Logo?

News Corp logo art

News Corporation recently unveiled its new logo. It was developed from the handwriting of its CEO – but it is not his signature – and as such I don’t believe that it has any real meaning as a symbol of the organization. In addition, it is not a nicely studied and crafted handwriting example. I believe that it seems quite awkward and amateurish when it comes to actually representing a large organization. Well that’s just my opinion – what do you think about it. If nothing else it is certainly giving the News Corporation some additional publicity.

The graphic element above is an interpretation of the actual logo. Check out this article at Design Taxi to see the actual brandmark:


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4 Responses to New Discussion: When is a Logo Not a Logo?

  1. Michael Dunn says:

    I really agree with you. They spent a lot of money investing in damaging their imagine by trying to be too clever.

  2. John Jonelis says:

    Agreed. At some point the entrepreneur must admit he cannot do everything.

  3. Cal Thixton says:

    Having just come from an IP presentation by Daniel Farris ( at the Chicago Business Network this morning ( about this very subject (patents, trademarks, copyright, etc.), I do not think that this image qualifies as a logo. Unlike Apple’s logo being unique and unrelated to the product, this image seems more like an exit sign, not a brand. imho. In any case, I suggest asking an expert.

  4. Ron says:

    You’re right!

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