New Discussion: Is Your Website Working for You?


Before you develop a website you should determine:

1) why you need a website,
2) what product, service, or message you want to sell, and
3) who is your target market.

Once you have made these determinations you need to figure out how to do this in a way that will attract, keep, and create a positive action among your target audience. Too little information and you will loose your audience. Too much (or too technical) information and you will loose your audience. A website that takes too long to load will usually be bypassed, as will a website with too many links or clicks in order to reach one’s objective.

A website should be easy to read, easy to navigate, and your message should be clear and concise.


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One Response to New Discussion: Is Your Website Working for You?

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Would you call this commentary a gross over-simplification? Many would, yet they would be missing the heart and soul of this direction. Today, the trends seem to be, just how much can we actually cram into a web site, then the site owner sits back and waits for the sales to roll in. Rarely does that happen.

    Why would anyone in our current directions in society want to make things more complicated, time consuming and confusing? If that is the direction of your web site, you are quite simply doomed. Most everyone today has more on their plate than common sense would dictate. If you can help a potential customer make it through your site in the simplest, most straight forward manner while still helping them accomplish their purpose for visiting your site, not only do they win, you do too! This approach makes it far easier for your customers, it is something they will share with their friends and business associates, and you win.

    This subject is actually a commentary on an old addage in design, “less is more”, and if you don’t take this road, you will discover that your travels in business are headed for a very difficult path. Make your potential customer’s requirements easy for them to get the information they need, make the order they wish to make, and give them all the guidance you are capable of without filling their lives with needless information and confusion. Now you, the business owner, will win, simply because you are making it easier for your clients to win.

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