New Discussion: A Pro-Bono No-Go! – part 3 of 3.

No Go 3

Our firm developed a pro-bono logo for a client. He was unhappy with it and said that he wouldn’t use it because it was identical to another company’s logo – we researched it – it wasn’t. We asked that the original artwork be returned. It was never returned to us. And, as far as I know the logo wasn’t used either.

Since then (about a year ago) I’ve come across that organization a number of times on the Internet. From the time we submitted our pro-bono artwork he has had three other logos representing his organization in just the past year. Now I understand why he wanted a “free” logo – it was because he just can’t make a decision. I’m sure that all of the new logos were pro-bono too. It would seem to me that if that person can’t make up his mind abound a simple pro-bono logo that he is probably terribly indecisive about all the other parts of his organization too.

Pro-bono work is a fine thing to do for an organization that is doing useful work for society, really needs your help, and is respectful of your talents – otherwise stay clear of people that just want something for nothing.


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One Response to New Discussion: A Pro-Bono No-Go! – part 3 of 3.

  1. Another possible interpretation is that he doesn’t know the difference between a logo, an identity, a brand, or a trademark, or the value of them. Also if he keeps getting design work for free from a different person each time, he has no concept of how much value he’s wasting. Without a long term partnership with his design and marketing people, nobody gets the time to educate him. It seems he only goes for the customer/vendor relationship instead of the client/agency kind.

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