New Discussion: Great Ad – Wrong Client!


Advertising needs several key ingredients:

1) a good product or service,
2) a good message,
3) good creative input, and
4) a receptive audience.

To have a truly successful advertising campaign all of these ingredients need to be integrated – and working simultaneously. Currently K-Mart is running a truly inventive, and fun-filled ad. But, the campaign seems to have one gigantic flaw. The ad, altho wonderful from a creative aspect, doesn’t really fit the client.

The ad deals with shipping products – while the main product or service of the company is consumer merchandise (not shipping) – even tho that is one aspect of their service . The ad has gone viral on the Internet, but it may not impact sales in a significant way – only time will tell. However, if that same creativity had be used for a shipping company: say FedEx, UPS, or DHL it would have been much more effective.

Creativity alone is not the answer to successful advertising. There needs to be a total integration of all of the key ingredients.


About Nate Marks

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