New Discussion: 17 Ads and Promos!

17 Ads 01

What are the advertising agencies thinking about now-a-days? Last night I was watching a move, in prime time, on a national TV network and, of course, there were several interruptions of the movie so that the station, and the network, could air advertisements and promotions. That’s fair! I expect ads and promotions to be run, because that is how the stations pay for the content that that put on the air. But, last night this seemed excessive. So, at the third interruption I muted the sound and just counted the ads and the station/network promos.

In this one particular advertising segment I counted seventeen ads and promos – seventeen! So, my question to the advertising agencies and their clients; and to the stations and their networks is: what are you thinking? How do you expect anyone to focus (if they haven’t muted the sound, walked out of the room, or “Tevoed” the TV) on your particular product, service, or promotion – when they are bombarded with seventeen short messages in a short period of time?


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One Response to New Discussion: 17 Ads and Promos!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Advertisers must recognize the limits of attention regarding their potential clients. When agencies and their clients begin to abuse the normal attention span of potential customers, they invaribly begin the process of loss. Loss of business, lost of customers, loss of interest, etc., yet many in corporate America seem to side with the idea of “more is even better”, when it clearly is not.

    Intelligent advertisers realize that the world of advertisiing must be studied, carefully implemented, and tracked. Most advertisers never get past the idea of doing an ad, let alone doing the research that should go with all effective advertising. Just throw some mud on the wall and expect it to stick, never mind the negative thoughts that they accumulate against their company.

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