Comment on: Really – Sweat the Little Things!

Really 2

Ah, once again we receive a call to “common sense”, and according to my late Father,

a teacher, we all know that “common sense is terribly uncommon”. Does it work? You
bet! Does it apply to the world of advertising? More than ever! Why, then, is it
so sparse, so little used, over looked, ignored?

Some of the terms of hiring an agency and consequently their copy writers, we really
should ask for a schedule of their grades in English, but more than that, ask to see
what they’ve written before. If you find no common sense, wouldn’t it behoove you
to reconsider your agency choice?

Make sure your ad message is well written, understandable, and with little
effort…makes sense! Common sense! If it doesn’t, consider another agency!

Mike Willett
Better Life Systems

About Nate Marks

We live and work in a world of visual images.
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