New Discussion: Don’t Loose Your Audience!

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When making a presentation to an audience: with charts, laptop projection, or any other visual medium – you must consider the audience. Most presenters are so intent about delivering their particular subject material that that want to tell everyone watching – everything they know about the subject – all at once. So, they load each page, slide, or screen with as much information as they possibly can.

But wait – the viewer can only absorb so much information at one time. When there is an abundance of visual information shown – the viewer will become intent upon trying to read that information, and thus will be distracted from the presenter. For example if there are ten important points presented on one visual the viewer will probably only digest two (or possibly three) of them. Then the viewer will be torn between focusing on the visual and focusing on the presenter. That’s called “loosing the audience.”

The presenter needs to take the lead. That is to say, instead of putting up ten points – put up one (or two) short points at a time. Then the presenter should elaborate on the material. That way the viewer can concentrate on both the visuals and on the presenter – and thus able to better digest the material presented.


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