New Discussion: The Perfect Ad — Revisited!

Paint can

Last week we  talked about the perfect advertisement having certain properties:

1) the ad connects with the target audience,

2) the ad is memorable – and it is easily recalled,

3) the ad provides information quickly and succinctly,

4) the ad doesn’t confuse the viewer, or make the reader hunt for information, and

5) the ad calls the viewer to action.

Then we went on to mention an ad that (to me) fits all five properties: the Cool Whip Frosting – Mistreated Cakes commercial. Well, we’ve found an equally good ad that fits the first four properties, but it passively calls the viewer to action. And, it the case of this commercial it fits the market, because the product is not an everyday/every household item.

Check out the new Valspar Chameleon commercial on Youtube at: We think that you will enjoy this clever way of selling paint.


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