New Discussion: Profits and Pro Bono!


In a recessionary economy it seems like everyone is asking that we drop our prices, and do work at a very low cost – or that we work for free. Many times when confronted by these situations I ask the prospective client if he, or she, would consider taking half their salary if their boss asked them to do that. I usually get a “uh, well, that’s not the point.” But, actually it is the point. No one likes to work for less then they think they are worth, and certainly no one wants to work for less money then it would take to pay their bills.

So, how do we work around that? Well, we don’t take on clients, oprojects, that can’t deliver a decent profit – if we can’t make a good profit, then we won’t be in business the next time the client wants to get something produced. It’s just that simple.

However, that said, if our company is making a good profit we will take on pro-bono projects – but, only for causes that we believe in. Otherwise our policy is to emphasize the word “no” at the end of the word “pro-bono.”


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2 Responses to New Discussion: Profits and Pro Bono!

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    • Nate Marks says:

      Not quite sure what you want me to do with this. Is this your reply to the discussion on Profits and Pro Bono? If so, can you can it down to about around 200 words, so that it will be easy for my readers to digest.


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