Comment on: Planning Your Marketing Budget!


Mike Willett commented:

Now this is an important topic for discussion for most any business. The author
asks several very pertinent questions, rarely asked but constantly needing

So many companies these days, even during these tough times, skip the tough
questions and give their marketing plans a knee-jerk reaction, then wonder why the
results are lacking. The first on in line to be shot is the agency, when in all
truth, the advertiser bares a huge responsibility here.

It is vital that all marketing is approached with planning and forethought, not just
based on a whim or a feeling marketing is needed, so do it. It has always amazed me
at the weakness of most marketing plans, and even more, the lack of any planning. A
company really has no place to complain if they are not an extremely active part of
the planning.

An agency can be of great help, but without your input and participation, don’t
waste the money, and don’t expect much in the way of growth.


Mike Willett
Better Life Systems

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