New Discussion: I’m in Business, But Don’t Contact Me!

What's the Point

I came across a very interesting blog, which produces a lot of great marketing content. One post in particular struck me as something that should be sent out as advice to people who truly want to market their companies. So, I went to the blog to get permission from the company/writer.

However, when I tried to contact someone I could only get as far as “” Being fairly resourceful I “Googled” what seemed to be the company name, only to find several companies that might have been the one that I was looking for. But, none of them seemed to be an exact match – and hence I’d be emailing blind if I continued the search –– and I had real projects to work on, so I did not proceed any further. Anyway, the post was great, and at some point I will try to paraphrase what was written.

It seems to me that if one is going to promote their company, and actually produces good literature to back up the company – they should make it easy for people – and potential customers/clients – to reach them – otherwise what’s the point?

Let me say that again: what’s the point?


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