New Discussion: Risks Beyond Advertising!

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The old adage CYA is more important than ever these days. It goes far beyond advertising, and should be imperative in all your dealings, business and personal. I just went through the latest bank statement I receive each month, only to discover a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of charges that were impossible to know just what they were for. After a long, long time on the phone with this particular bank, we discovered together, many charges that were not identified with anything anyone could identify.

Take your credit cards out, or debit cards, and go through all the billing you have
through your bank. You just might be surprised at what is being withdrawn from your accounts.
Knowing that, one day soon the honest advertiser will be rewarded by business from people that
actually care about such things as honesty, and do business with those they can trust.
Making statements that can not be substantiated, or a bit fuzzy, will cost you far more in the long
run, than being on top of what people think are great claims, only to discover that they are not
true. If you think I’m wrong, just take a look at all the representatives in our US government,
and check their claims. I think then you will feel somewhat surprised at just how much lying
is prevalent in this country. Why join them when you could very well stand far above with just
plain, old fashioned honesty!


Mike Willett
Better Life Systems

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One Response to New Discussion: Risks Beyond Advertising!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Nate,Hope you’re still in business after publishing this, and that I won’t have to wear a bullet proof vest. It is, however, something I believe in. Today I got an email from a former client/business owner forwarding an email he had received from a girl that talked about welfare. Her direction was that if you wanted a flat screen tv and x-box 360, that was fine, but get a job. There were several things like that, such as, if you wanted to smoke, that was ok, but get a job. I answered back that I had grown up in Cicero, and well remembered Al Capone. People of his ilk have simply discovered that they could improve their finanances by billions by simply taking over government. Your President (Al Capone), his second in command, Vice pres. and on down, through your congressman and senators, whose street guys are your Mayor and coucilmen, etc. The difference? They got rid of the tommy guns and hand guns and now have F16’s, tanks, ships and nuclear weapons. What chance do we have now?Mike Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 16:30:51 +0000 To:

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