Comment on: Advertising So Good You Can Taste It!

Taste Me 2

Mike Willett commented:

This is just way too much. Only the ad world could come up with this one. It will be the brunt of jokes for years to come. That said, I would assume that all of that attention, if it garners any, would gain notice for the product, but I for one, would much rather have the real thing, even if it isn’t good for you.

I for one, never smoked an anti-weed ad, nor tasted a bra ad. I thought about a dinner of women’s
under garment catalogs, but just couldn’t work up the appetite when there was so much better within

As to whether I would love breathing in the fumes of the latest Ferrari, well, I don’t think so. I also don’t want to inhale Santa’s pipe, nor lick the football team’s shoes or underwear.

Sometimes it is not the real experience or “taste” we are after, as the name Fanta would imply. Sometimes what we really want is something beyond description, or, just plain good, and we
don’t need an artificial way to discover whether we like it or not. I’ll take a pass on this one.

Mike Willett
Better Life Systems

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