Comment on: Branding Your Company!

Branding Your Company graphic 2

Mike Willett commented:

Interesting subject, considering much of business has passed on to a different
attitude about branding. Now days it seems to be a mixture of bad taste and bad
communications, or no attempt at communicating identity what so ever. This is not a
place to write a book with one symbol, but it sure seems to be attempted on an
almost daily basis.

I think the basic idea of staying with one firm for identity is a great one, but you
have to be willing to listen to the experts in this field. Many companies get the
initial work done, then begin tearing it apart to satisfy the many egos involved.
Don’t you think that if you are going to actually spend money in this area, and it
certainly should be strongly considered, that you ought to listen to the experts you
give the assignment to?

Too many people think they are designers, only to be proven wrong over and over
again, while paying a very high price of no identity at all. Do your home work in the
right order. Find a company you trust, whose work you like, then discuss the
project thoroughly with them and get the hell out of the way! Remember, however, if
YOU can’t describe your business, don’t expect the designer to come up with a

Mike Willett
Better Life Systems

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